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  1. Hi Galya,

    Beautiful website.

    Hope you and your family are well.

    We saw Noah and Ioulia a few weeks ago in Florida. They both are doing well.

    We are anxiously awaiting Spring. We have had a hard winter and it is snowing today.

    Be well!

    Love, Ivy

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    • Thank you Ivy.
      We are all good.
      Spring here is already full on: daffodils are out, primroses, crocuses, even Magnolia tree opened the flowers, the tulips are just about to bloom.
      We had a few sunny warm days and it feels good.
      I hope that the weather at your part of the world will spoil you with sunshine soon.
      They say : ” if the winter was cold and snowy, wait for a dry and hot summer.” Hope it’s true 🙂
      I saw pictures of the kids on Facebook: they look like movie stars, gorgeous !
      Keep in touch.
      Love to Toby and all family.
      Galya x


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