What’s for dinner?


And today’s starter is…….



Very summery, refreshing and easy to make, I find Tabouleh (or Taboulé in French) perfect starter.

You can play with the ingredients, herbs and flavors as much as you want.

The main ingredient is of course precooked bulgur or couscous.

There are many varieties of Tabouleh can be found on the shops shelves, precooked and dehydrated. I like to use one with dried basil. All you need to do is to add some cold water and let it stand.

Meanwhile, you can chop the rest of the ingredients to be ready to mix in: tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, spring onion ( both parts, of course, green and white!) , bunch of parsley, bunch of fresh dill, bunch of basil, bunch of mint- all in equal amount ( for me it’s the more the better!).

Mix tabouleh with finely chopped herbs and pretty chopped vegetables, add plenty of lemon or lime juice, salt and pepper, a little olive oil.

Bon appetite!

You can decorate it with some salad leaf, olives, feta cheese, smoked salmon etc…. and a Tabouleh will become Your Tabouleh! 🙂

And of course if you don’t like it with fresh vegetables use roasted peppers, sun dried tomatoes, fried to golden brown onion, and dried basil . It is also delicious!

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