1st of September – back to school!


I looked out of my window and I saw a crowd of students and parents standing in front of the school gates, waiting to enter the school.

First day of a new school year! ” But there is nothing remarkable about today… At least, it does not feel any different, than the other day”- I thought, looking out of the window on the casually chatting away kids and adults .  Another ordinary day…

Each year 1st of September in Russia all school kids, their parents and the teachers are celebrating the first day of a new school year. When I say CELEBRATING , I mean literally. It is not just an ordinary gathering back to school.


The smartly dressed children with huge bouquets of flowers for their teachers line up class by class in the school yard to hear ” Welcome to our school” word of the headmaster, followed by a few poems and songs prepared by existing pupils specially for this day and finishing by official announcement of the headmaster of a Start of a new school year and ringing the school bell. One of the final year’s pupils will carry on his shoulder a little girl or a boy from the first year, who will be ringing The Bell,  old style hand school bell).




So symbolic! So wonderful! So exciting!


1 september (2)

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