What’s up?


It’s been an adventurous week.

Masses and masses of yummy mushrooms just appeared in our park.



And they keep coming and poping out in different corners of our wonderful garden-park.

Hello! Armillaria mellea! Nice to meet you. This is one of the favourite mushrooms in Russia and we call them OPYATA. The common name in English is Honey fungus.


And of course I’ve been busy in my kitchen cleaning them ( each one with a little soft brush) and then cooking some and eating them straight away,


but the rest pickling.

:O  Yes , yes, pickling! In russia it’s very traditional method to preserve not just fruits and vegetables, but mushrooms as well.

There are different ways to preserve mushrooms: drying, freezing, canning in brine or oil, pickling, canning marinated mushrooms etc…

Some methods are for short time preserving, the others allow to enjoy mushrooms months later. And the different mushrooms love different methods of preserving.

My opyata are definately going to be hot pickled .


They will be ready to eat in a couple of months.






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