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What’s up?


It’s miserably cold and wet outside today: TIME FOR COMFORT FOOD!


Egg and Bacon! Just what was needed!

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I hope that a little girl called Bianca enjoyed her birthday cake.

Happy birthday, Bianca!

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What’s up?



Just to say thank you to everybody, who came yesterday to taste the trial wedding cake .

I hope that everyone enjoyed their afternoon with a slice or two ( or four 😮 )

Here are a few shots of making the 5 tier wedding cake.  By the way, it took 3 days to make the sugar decorations and the bottom layer (only because I was trying to find the best way of doing it and it had to be redone)

The rest of the cake (4 tiers of different flavours)  was done in 3 days.

No fondant or marzipan covering, the cakes are covered with thin layer of Swiss meringue buttercream of different flavour.

Here it is!

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Another cake at La Croix du Reh?


Oh, yes! Another cake! This time it’s my own recipe : simple in its separate layers, but sophisticated in how all the ingredients and layers work together. It’s like falling in love : with each bite there is an explosion of new textures and flavours, you want more and more, and when the plate is empty you have nice after-taste , feeling complete and happy to have it again tomorrow, then the day after and then the day after that and every day! 🙂

Our guests were asking for seconds: the best complement one could ever have!

I present :




What’s up?


It has become somewhat traditional starter at La Croix du Reh: Asparagus and Cherry tomatoes Clafoutis!


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Here is another house recipe creation: White chocolate Smart Smarties Cake , that was served this evening for dessert at La Croix du Reh.

Our Dutch visitors absolutely loved it!

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What’s up? more…


Tonight we are going to see our good friends and I’ve volunteered to make a dessert.

Guess what?

Of course  another cake!

This time it is a home recipe and I call it Galya’s Rafaello cake. That’s right, it tastes exatcly like Rafaello chocolates .

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Chocolaty chocolate cake from Galya’s kitchen



One more very chocolaty chocolate cake!

And would you believe it, no oven needed!


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What’s for dinner?


Steak, new potatoes and stuffed mushrooms, washed down with a bottle of a DELICIOUS Bergerac 1998 from the personal reserve. Yummy!



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Saint Valentine! Make it special at La Croix du Reh!


Romantic Indulgence

Come and spend a 1, 2 or 3 romantic nights in the comfort of La Croix Du Reh, its gardens and exquisite meals.

€159 per couple per night, includes:

*Please note, that special Romantic weekend offers are subject to availability, must be confirmed at the time of booking and do not apply during July and August


La Croix Du Reh Bed and Breakfast (B&B),

Address: 23 Av. Amedée Tarrade, 87130, Châteauneuf – la Forêt, France,

Tel: (0033) 555 69 75 37 or (0033) 661 73 42 11e-mail:

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