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Happy Easter


Easter! Easter! Easter!

For us , kids of the communist era in Russia, it was never about religion, but about having a day with the whole family and eating very special things.

When we were young children, for me and my brother Easter always meant visiting the cemetery with our parents and then going to Gran’s and have a lots of yummy gifts like Easter eggs and Paskas (Russian Easter breads).

Of course they were real Easter eggs, not like the ones made from chocolate like in Europe . My grandma would dye boiled chicken eggs in different colors ; my favorite was always red and blue. You can buy eggs with white shell in Russia, which makes it easy to have many different bright and pastel colors. Even in school at home economics  lessons we were taught how to dye egg using natural dyes like onion skin, and  how to make a pattern on the shell of the egg by boiling it wrapped tight in a nylon sock with a leaf of parsley inside stuck to one side of the egg.  And of course painting  the empty egg shells by hand was the most fun.

Eggs colored

So my grandma would always  make enough colourful eggs for all her children and grandchildren. She would arrange the  eggs on a plate with Paska . When everyone arrived we would start a feast , the kids would play all together: brothers , sisters, cousins . At the end of the day everyone will receive a gift from grandma: Easter eggs and Paskas. In some regions of Russia they would call it Kulich, but we always called it Paska . It makes sense  Easter in Russian  is  Pas-ha . If you think about it, some languages have very similar sounding words, like  Passover for example or Paques in french. So why call it Kulich, when Paska sounds just right for the occasion!

Though I was not brought up religious, I still like to make my traditional specials at this time of the year. And here you are: Easter eggs and Paska!

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Dinner is served!


Spring brings new seasonal veggies on the table. The asparagus is one of the season’s favorites. Last night’s starter: ” Asparagus and smoked trout with sesame dressing”

Asparagus and smoked trout

Followed by “Mushroom Fete on your plate” : mushrooms cooked 3 different ways served with Potato roasties, Carrot Vichy and Tomato Provançale. Our vegetarian guests were delighted!

Mushroom Fete on the plate

 If you really cannot wait until June when the proper open air sun kissed strawberries will come on the market, there are things you can do with strawberries, that are not yet sweet enough…

Warning! This Strawberry delight contains alcohol 🙂

Strawberry delight

Foodie adventure in Limousin


Your “foodie” adventure in Limousin.


What’s for pud?


The star of today’s dinner and many dinners at La Croix du Reh our b&b in Limousin is

Chocolate fondant ( yes, the one to die for! 🙂 Feel free to check my foolproof recipe

Oh, yes, you can always come to La Croix du Reh at Galya’s kitchen to learn how to make this scrumptious dessert and many more delicious things. Just make an enquiry

Chocolate fondant

What’s more for dinner?


And the Main course is…

Stuffed peppers!

I think that every European cuisine has it’s own version of Stuffed peppers. Mine is obviously Russian way: just like my mom made when I was little with a little adjustments.

Wooshed away : only clean plates came back to the kitchen!

Stuffed peppers

Bulochki with poppy seed filling and chocolate glaze


Something magical is about these soft sweet buns, filled with  sugary chocolaty poppy seed filling and covered with chocolate based glazing.


My childhood favorites, that you could buy in every boulongerie in our town. Since I left Russia nearly 20 years ago, I never tasted anything like that. I was determined to find a recipe. After finding a few recipes on the internet and trying them in Galya’s kitchen,  the results were not exactly what I remember they should be.  Eventually a few things and methods have been changed and wow… what a satisfactory!

They went in two days: Peter was sneaking into the box all day long and then the next day quietly finished them, he just could not help it. They are fab!

Now I just have to try to recreate it again and this time to write everything what I do down 🙂

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Life can not be better…


Don’t you feel mellow, relaxed and satisfied when the smell of freshly made bread filling up the house, life cannot be better!


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What is cooking in Galya’s kitchen?


Rum baba

Here are a few photos of what we cook in Galya’s kitchen and what fun we have at La Croix du Reh. Enjoy!

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