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What’s up?



What do you mean ” what’s up”? It’s C H R I S T M A S!

Merry Christmas!

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Let’s cook together!

Rum baba

Rum Baba

Travel with us to our “foodie” destinations in Limousin, the still little known region of France. We offer you a hands-on cooking experience as part of your adventure in rural France .

We are happy to create personalized menus and themes for your cooking adventure in Galya’s kitchen. To see what we do visit our  website or our Facebook page

Suitable for all: stay with us for 2, 3 or more nights and have fun!

How it works:

You will stay  at La Croix du Reh full board with breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Every morning we will visit some exciting places, meet interesting people and taste some wonderful produce.

Every afternoon you will create your own three course dinner menu and then cook the meal with Galya. Alternatively, you can cook only one of the courses or have a themed afternoon cooking like: “3 easy desserts”, “Macaroons made easy”, “Simply bread” (or more sophisticated gateaux), “I used to hate beetroot, but now I love it!”, “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate”, “Russian cuisine”, ” Cupcakes ” , ” Posh pic-nique” , ” Jam making” , “Stock up your ladder with Preserves” setc…

You will leave with a Little Book of Galya’s kitchen recipes which will be a reminder of your adventure in Limousin.

245€ per day ( 2 nights) per person ( beverages and transport are not included).

if staying 3 or more nights – 175€ per day per person

Please enquire for prices for shared room or family.

Here are a few photos of what we cook in Galya’s kitchen and what fun we have at La Croix du Reh. Enjoy!

To make a reservation for B&B and evening meal ( or and Galya’s kitchen “Cook with me”) please contact us by email:

or telephone:+33 555697537   +33 661734211

What’s for dinner?


Cooking from the cupboard

There is always something in the cupboard that can make a simple meal when I have days like today: just did not fancy to get out to the shops.

So, I rummaged my cupboards and pantry and here it is, our dinner tonight: Tuna pasta bake!

Serves 4 – 6

1 large can of tuna in oil

1 large onion

6 gherkins

1 can of sweetcorn

handful of capers

a few mushrooms ( canned sliced mushrooms will do the trick)

cheese ( any, I used Brie)

mayonnaise – 3-4 table spoons

1 fresh chilli

chutney , or some plum/greengages jam

400 g of dried pasta ( spiral or shells, not important)

Preheat oven to 200°C.

Finely chop and slightly fry onion with sliced mushrooms in a little vegetable oil , add sweetcorn, chopped gherkins , capers and chilli.

Meanwhile, cook pasta in a large pan with plenty of salted water to the “al dente”, drain, add cooked vegetables, mix in drained tuna , mayonnaise and chutney, season with salt and pepper.

Transfer mixture into the shallow baking tray, spinkle with grated cheese or lay the cheese slices on the top and bake for 40 minutes.

Bon appetite!



It’s beginning to look like Christmas…


It’s beginning to look like Christmas…


The Christmas lights are sparkling on the streets, the Christmas tree is up, the Cristmas decorations , the Holly and the Mistletoe have found their place in the house , the TELLY is spoiling us with the magical movies, that we watch every Christmas and are never tired to watch them again and again at every Christmas to come , and magic is happening in Galya’s kitchen.

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The Christmas treats platter will be full of traditional things like Mince pies and chocolates , and traditional Russian treats like, chocolate salami ( yes, very much loved and made in Russia since donkey years) , Zefir and some new easy to make Chocolate brandy balls.

To join me in making all these treats and many more at any time of the year contact:

tel +33555697537 +33661734211


New year party with festive dinner at La Croix du Reh



Come and enjoy your New Year celebration at La Croix du Reh –
bed and breakfast in Limousin France!

tel: +33 (0)555697537 / +33(0) 661734211

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We invite you to our Russian festive dinner

The party starts at 20.00 hrs until 02.00 hrs


€ 117 pp all inclusive


Kir Royale and Zakuska (Amuse-Bouches russian style)


Smoked Trout and the smoked sturgeon tower with avocado mousse and Russian caviar, accompanied by a glass of Pinot Noir


Crème brûlée of foie gras / or spring rolls Russian style


Salmon Kulebyaka / or Beef Stroganoff


Royal Cheese platter with homemade Mango chutney


Dessert “Bird’s Milk” little Russian chocolate cake




Coffee and Treats


Unlimited soft drinks



Note*     Bookings secured upon receipt of 50% deposit via Paypal or CB transaction by telephone.
Deposits are not refundable unless places are re-sold.

Bed and breakfast for 2 at 90€ – only by reservation in advance
( 2 rooms available)
Bed and breakfast for 3 at 110€ – only by reservation in advance
( 1 room available)
Bed and breakfast room for 4 or 5 at 130€ – only by reservation in advance
( 2 rooms available)

Delish Delissime

Delish Delissime

IMG_5987  IMG_5989 IMG_6052

Such a wonderful day was it: brilliant opportunity to visit the Second Delissime food fair in Limoges. Unfortunately, I could not taste the wines being driving afterwards, but what a real delish was the food tasting. The Pavillion, where the faire took place, was not big, nevertheless it took me about 4 hours just to walk around, take a few pictures and of course try one or two things. The artisans-producers , who participated in the fair were specially selected for high quality and originality of their products from all over France. It was great to talk to some of them and to exchange addresses. Delissime is one not to miss the next year!

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Just a little buffet

Just a little buffet




To mark the end of summer season we invited a couple of friends around. The day turned out to be very warm and perfect for afternoon tea outside. But as usual, I could not limit myself to making just a couple of cakes. So I ended up cooking a russian food finger buffet: beetroot salad and spicy carrot salad served in spring rolls, cabbage kulebyaka, home made rye bead with tuna and egg spread, sausage rolls and home made hot dogs, cinnamon and raisin sweet rolls, plum tart and apple tart and cheese stuffed tomatoes.

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