Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

The strange thing is that the history of Beef Stroganoff does not suggest any traditional russian cuisine roots. In fact, it was created sometimes in 19th century specially and named after Count Stroganov, one of the wealthy russian nobles.

Since then it has become so popular around the world, that after WWII it was named in the international cuisine guides as a Russian dish. And rightly so! After all the dish was created in Russia!

According to one of the russian food historians it was served with fried potato straws ( hey! french fies!!!)  and slices of tomato.

Russian classic! Beef Stroganoff has many different versions. I cook it two different ways: one ( with tomato puree) is best served with either french fries ,  roasted or sauted potatoes, the other ( with mustard and mushrooms) is best served with pasta or rice. But the basic ingredients are the same.

Beef Stroganoff with potatoes

Serves 8 to 10 people

You need:

for 1kg of beef ( filet, sirloin, rumsteak or any other cut for quick cooking)

1 kg of onion sliced,


400ml creme fraiche  or sour creme

4 tbs of concentrated tomato puree


black pepper,

bay leave,


Cut the meat into slices across the grain of the muscle. Batter each slice with a rolling pin and then cut them into thin (1 cm width and 7 – 10cm length) strips

Heat small amount of butter in the frying pan until just starts smoking and flash fry the strips of meat in small batches, making sure that the meat does not stew ( making any juice) and adding some butter in the pan  if needed. It should not take more than 1-2 minutes for each piece of meat.

Once browned,  put aside.

Melt some more butter in the pan and cook sliced onions until started browning.

Meanwhile, in the small pan mix well creme fraiche and tomato puree, season with salt and pepper and heat the mixture until boiling point.

Add meat to the onions, turn up the heat on high,  add hot sauce to the meat, and cook  until the pink sauce change the color to dark orange.

Serve hot ( important!) with french fries , salad and tomato slices or with sauteed or roasted potatoes and caramelized mushrooms.

Bon appetit!

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