Little melon fentasy

Little melon fentasy

Summer time favorite at La Croix du Reh : easy, refreshing and yummy!

Here is my “Little melon fantasy”

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to serve 4 people

2 small round sweetest melons

we have Charentais melons here in France there are sweet as a honey and bright orange color inside

small punnet of raspberries ( minimum 3 berries per person)

or raspberries mixed with other small soft summer berries like wild strawberries, black cherries, blackberries, etc…

4-8 table spoons of Raspberry liqueur or Creme Framboise

or 4 table spoons of Raspberry syrup for nonalcoholic version


Cut each melon in half the way that each half has a button ( flour or stock) at the bottom .

Scoop the seeds out and make a small balls out of the flesh with a round ball fruit scooper.

Make sure that you don’t cut through the skin of the melon. Once the fist half of the melon has been scooped, put all the balls back into the melon half.

Repeat process with other halves.

Arrange ready halves into the glass or ceramic bowls just large enough to support the fruits.

Pour 1-2 tbs of Raspberry liqueur or Syrup ( for nonalcoholic version) and scatter a few raspberries on the top.

Voila! Bon appetite!

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