What’s up?



It’s been a while since my last post. It’s not because Galya’s kitchen was closed , in fact it was and is very much open.

The summer has gone and now we are not as busy at La Croix du Reh (our B&B) as we were then. But there is a lot going on in Galya’s kitchen.

They say that one of the biggest and most stressful events in a life is Wedding. Correct! I can confirm that and many people will agree. My daughter is getting married and the date is rapidly approaching.

And guess what? I have taken a responsibility for MAKING ( yes, making!) the wedding cake.

At first we might think that there is nothing unusual and there are many people nowadays making HOME MADE wedding cakes for their daughters, sons, nieces etc…

But how many people can say that they made a wedding cake for 150 people?

This is the reason why Galya’s kitchen was quiet for a while. I’ve been doing a lot of research and practising making cakes and decorations.

This coming Sunday the 30 of October there will be my first attempt to put together FULL SIZE 4 TIER CAKE for 150 people.

And anyone who wants to come and taste it is welcome !

(I know, I know, it’s a short notice. But running B&B  is full of surprises such as last minute reservations, which  can interrupt the preparations.)

Nevertheless, the date is set.


The Wedding cake tasting party is on :

Sunday the 30th of October

from 14.00 to 16.00 hrs.

See you there!



Another cake at La Croix du Reh?


Oh, yes! Another cake! This time it’s my own recipe : simple in its separate layers, but sophisticated in how all the ingredients and layers work together. It’s like falling in love : with each bite there is an explosion of new textures and flavours, you want more and more, and when the plate is empty you have nice after-taste , feeling complete and happy to have it again tomorrow, then the day after and then the day after that and every day!🙂

Our guests were asking for seconds: the best complement one could ever have!

I present :




What’s up?


It has become somewhat traditional starter at La Croix du Reh: Asparagus and Cherry tomatoes Clafoutis!


What’s up?


And the Star of the night is…



What’s up?



Here is another house recipe creation: White chocolate Smart Smarties Cake , that was served this evening for dessert at La Croix du Reh.

Our Dutch visitors absolutely loved it!

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What’s up? more…


Tonight we are going to see our good friends and I’ve volunteered to make a dessert.

Guess what?

Of course  another cake!

This time it is a home recipe and I call it Galya’s Rafaello cake. That’s right, it tastes exatcly like Rafaello chocolates .

To find out if it was any good, follow this post on our Facebook


What’s up?


Thursday night we’ve had a birthday party for a very charming French family. And the cake was a really big hit!


Chocolaty chocolate cake from Galya’s kitchen



One more very chocolaty chocolate cake!

And would you believe it, no oven needed!


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What’s for dinner?


Steak, new potatoes and stuffed mushrooms, washed down with a bottle of a DELICIOUS Bergerac 1998 from the personal reserve. Yummy!



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