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You love it now!


– I absolutely love this red cabbage! It’s delicious!

-We have not served red cabbage today.

-What is it then?

-This is beetroot home recipe.

-But I don’t like beetroot!

-You’ve just said that you ABSOLUTELY love it 🙂

This conversation has happened a few years ago, when one of our guests having dinner rediscovered BEETROOT.

The lady said that if I told her that there was a beetroot on her plate she would not have touched it, as she never liked beetroot . She ‘s obviously changed her mind.

Over the years we’ve had many visitors like this and my Russian style beetroot has never failed to impress. Following several requests for a recipe, I decided to include it in Galya’s kitchen Menu.

Here it is.


For 1 kg of RAW beetroot you need:

0.3 kg of onions finely chopped
0.5 part of raw carrots grated on a large grater
1 x 800gr tinned hole tomatoes in tomato juice
sunflower oil
garlic ( I put a lot, but you can have it as much as you like)
2 table spoons of walnut oil ( or 2 teaspoons of sesame oil)
2 Bay leaves
bunch of fresh parsley finely chopped ( if you like it)

Heat the sunflower oil in a deep frying pan until very hot.
Sauté onions until they start to change the color.
Add grated carrot and grated beetroot. Season with salt and pepper.
Cook on a medium heat until nearly all the juice evaporated.
Meanwhile process the tomatoes in a food processor into a passata ( no need to sieve it)
Once the juices in the frying pan have evaporated add the tomatoes + 2 table spoons of Ketchup (or 1 table spoon of sugar).
Cook on a small heat until the tomatoes well integrated into the beetroot and the juices nearly evaporated again.
Add finely chopped garlic, stir, add bay leaf, walnut ( or sesame) oil and chopped parsley just before turning it off.
Eat hot as a garnish to any meat or fish or veggie dish.

I like it cold, just with a piece of bread.
It tastes better on the second day!
Bon appetite!


Your New Year festive dinner: only 18 places! Book now!



Come and enjoy your New Year celebration at La Croix du Reh –
bed and breakfast in Limousin France!

tel: +33 (0)555697537 / +33(0) 661734211

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We invite you to our Russian festive dinner 31 of December

The party starts at 20.00 hrs until 02.00 hrs

€ 72 per person all inclusive



Kir Royale and Zakuska (Amuse-Bouches russian style)


Smoked Trout and  smoked Sturgeon tower with avocado mousse and  caviar


Crème brûlée of foie gras / or spring rolls Russian style ( with fresh veggies)


Salmon Kulebyaka / or Beef Stroganoff


Royal Cheese platter with homemade Mango chutney


Chocolate cake


 1 flute of Champagne


Coffee and Treats


1/2 bottle of wine

Note*     Bookings secured upon receipt of 50% deposit via Paypal or CB transaction by telephone.
Deposits are not refundable unless places are re-sold.

Bed and breakfast for 2 at 90€ – only by reservation in advance
( 2 rooms available)
Bed and breakfast for 3 at 110€ – only by reservation in advance
( 1 room available)
Bed and breakfast room for 4 or 5 at 130€ – only by reservation in advance
( 2 rooms available)

What’s up?


It has become somewhat traditional starter at La Croix du Reh: Asparagus and Cherry tomatoes Clafoutis!


What’s up?



Here is another house recipe creation: White chocolate Smart Smarties Cake , that was served this evening for dessert at La Croix du Reh.

Our Dutch visitors absolutely loved it!

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What’s up? more…


Tonight we are going to see our good friends and I’ve volunteered to make a dessert.

Guess what?

Of course  another cake!

This time it is a home recipe and I call it Galya’s Rafaello cake. That’s right, it tastes exatcly like Rafaello chocolates .

To find out if it was any good, follow this post on our Facebook


Saint Valentine! Make it special at La Croix du Reh!


Romantic Indulgence

Come and spend a 1, 2 or 3 romantic nights in the comfort of La Croix Du Reh, its gardens and exquisite meals.

€159 per couple per night, includes:

*Please note, that special Romantic weekend offers are subject to availability, must be confirmed at the time of booking and do not apply during July and August


La Croix Du Reh Bed and Breakfast (B&B),

Address: 23 Av. Amedée Tarrade, 87130, Châteauneuf – la Forêt, France,

Tel: (0033) 555 69 75 37 or (0033) 661 73 42 11, e-mail:

What’s up?



What do you mean ” what’s up”? It’s C H R I S T M A S!

Merry Christmas!

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What’s up?


It’s been an adventurous week.

Masses and masses of yummy mushrooms just appeared in our park.



And they keep coming and poping out in different corners of our wonderful garden-park.

Hello! Armillaria mellea! Nice to meet you. This is one of the favourite mushrooms in Russia and we call them OPYATA. The common name in English is Honey fungus.


And of course I’ve been busy in my kitchen cleaning them ( each one with a little soft brush) and then cooking some and eating them straight away,


but the rest pickling.

:O  Yes , yes, pickling! In russia it’s very traditional method to preserve not just fruits and vegetables, but mushrooms as well.

There are different ways to preserve mushrooms: drying, freezing, canning in brine or oil, pickling, canning marinated mushrooms etc…

Some methods are for short time preserving, the others allow to enjoy mushrooms months later. And the different mushrooms love different methods of preserving.

My opyata are definately going to be hot pickled .


They will be ready to eat in a couple of months.






What’s for dinner?


Apricot tart;

Bon appetit!

Easiest recipe will follow in a couple of days 🙂 Watch out!


What’s up?


There is no end to Nature’s generosity, when you take care of it.

These CEPS ( Porcini mushrooms) are this morning’s present from our own park!


 Il n’y a pas fin Ă  la gĂ©nĂ©rositĂ© de la nature, quand vous prendre soin d’elle.
Ces CEPS (champignons porcini) sont le cadeau de ce matin  de notre parc!



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