Oh, yes! I do it all the time.

There are always cans and packs and jars, which you almost forgot about. That concernes mostly those ones that were impulsive buy with an intention to try some new recipe seen on TV or in a magazine. But then, obvious happens: I will do it, but not today (sounds familiar? 😉 and the cans and jars are going on a shelf in the cupboard.

Well , there are also bits in the fridge, like 1/2 of a courgette, leftovers of beef or duck, some cheese, etc …

And the day has come: today we are cooking from the cupboard!*

* Please note: the quantities are not indicated, as it is really matter of taste and capacity of your cupboard: if some ingredients are missing or there is something else hiding in your cupboard, like plum jam instead of chutney , it does not matter, bring it on!**

** the only thing I would not do is to use mayonaise with things in sauces, like baked beans, or tuna in tomato sauce,  for example. It would probably be a good idea make some more tomato sauce with any dried herbs and use it instead of mayonaise and chutney.

I’ve found in my cupboard:

can of tuna in oil

can of sweet corn

can of chick peas

jar of gherkins

mango chutney

half jar of capers in vinegar

pasta ( Fusili)

Then I looked into the fridge:

1 courgette

some mushrooms

leftovers of roastbeef

bits of cheese ( there were  3 or 4 different sorts)



Enough for a feast!

First finely chop the onion and fry it on the deep frying pan with some oil ( I use sunflower oil as it is neutral ).

Meanwile, slice mushrooms and throw them in the pan with onions, then  cook all out until mushrooms and onions start caramelising and there is no more liquid in the pan. If you have sliced mushrooms in the can, they will do the job as well. Caramelising mushrooms changes their texture and flavour, often people who do not like mushrooms get a nice surprise and change their mind about eating mushrooms.


While the mushrooms are cooking chop the meat, courgette and gherkins into the small cubes (I mean SMALL) .

Once the mushrooms are ready, stir in meat, gherkins, tuna, sweet corn, chick peas, capers  and continue cooking on a small gaz.

Cook the pasta, drain, tip over into the pasta all the yummies from the frying pan, add a few table spoons of chutney and the same quantity of mayonaise. Gently mix everything together, adding some ground black pepper and transfer all to the roasting dish.


Scatter bits of cheese on the top and bake in a preheated 180°C oven for 30 -40 minuites


Bon appetite!


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