Looking through thousands of recipes on the internet and then trying them out at home, I realised that many were written by people who have probably never even tried to cook them. Otherwise, how else can one explain that even if you follow the ” great expectations” recipe to the letter it comes out as a total failure? I know, I know, each kitchen is different and so is each chef, but I was convinced that there must be a better way!

So, I have decided to create my own, tried and tested blog book of recipes that have already been through the trials and tribulations of cooking them in a real kitchen. Many have even consistently made it on the menu at  La Croix du Reh, mine and my husband’s bed & breakfast in Limousin, France).

Some of the recipes I found in cookery books, some on the internet, others have been in the family for generations. Some I have translated from French, some from Russian. But, all of them were adapted to the ordinary kitchen, sometimes even simplified to make sure that an extra shopping trip would not be required to find those ‘specialist’ ingredients.

There are also special recipes – my own creations inspired by watching great chefs on the “telly”, an organic process of experimentations to creating something totally new, or my attempts at recreating a succulent looking meal decorating a magazine page or a delicious restaurant dish served a few days before.

I am not a chef, nor am I a professional cook, but I love food, especially the creative part of it and I would like to share what I do with anyone who is interested.

Most of the recipes are easy to make and don’t need a great deal of ingredients. Lots of them have been tried by family and friends and most of them are still on the” La Croix du Reh” menu to the delight of our guests.

Bon appetite!

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